9 "Healthy Foods" That Aren't Actually Good For You

Posted by William B. on February 26th, 2020 • 3 mins read

1/9 Flavored Fat-Free Yogurt

This may be the biggest crook of all the perceived health foods. Buying strawberry flavored "fat-free" yogurt is not going to help you get in shape. It probably contains around 15 grams of sugar in just 6-ounces.

When you hear about yogurt being a great start to your day, it's basic yogurt they're talking about. Do yourself a favor and buy plain, fat-free Greek yogurt then doctor it up with some fruit, granola, or honey. You should control what goes in your yogurt.

William Brown

I've loved writing health articles since I knew how to write. With severe misinformation out on the web, my aim is to bring you nothing but the facts.

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